What if you could actually be in the comics?

Now you can.

Zing Revolution 
and Marvel Comics 
invite you to
Crash The Comics,
Save The Universe 

The centerpiece of this new Marvel-Zing Revolution Initiative is an all-new, six-issue comic book -- created by fan favorite writer Cullen Bunn and amazing artist Christian Duce -- which is filled with all the action, drama, humor and characters for which Marvel is known around the world. 

Fans will be able to insert themselves throughout every chapter as their favorite superhero and even upload images of their friends, family and co-workers to fully personalize the entire adventure. The series will be available in both digital and print form, and will launch in the fall of 2014. The Cover and all the panels can apply to create all the custom product categories Zing Revolution offers.

Questions, Comments, contact us at jennifer@emgpr.com or info@zingrevolution.com.